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Protecting your computers from power surges

Use an UPS

To avoid computer crashes you could install an uninterpretable power supply (UPS). The device protects your computer from power surges.
A UPS has an internal battery that can maintain supply for 15-20 minutes so you can safely save your files and safely shut down your computer.

What is a power surge?
A power surge is a sudden voltage increase. This can be caused by

  • appliances that interfere with the circuit
  • loose connections
  • inadequate earthing
  • imported non standard equipment
It can be a simple as plugging in a heat that uses a lot of power that interferes with your computer equipment. You can always get a new heater but sensitive modems and computers are an issue.

Safety Switches

Safety switches have been compulsory for power point circuits in all new Queensland homes since July 1992. This means many Queensland homes already have a safety switch installed which protects most of the power point circuits. However, safety switches may be missing from homes built before that time.
The switchboard is the best place to look for permanently installed safety switches.

Jeff an Electrician Gold Coast  recommends installing safety switches to prevent the chance of injury or death from electrocution.

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