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Chances are you got here because you were looking for a local Gold Coast computer tech. We like shopping and acting local here at Gold Coast Computer Repairs. As a small company of four people we?re always aware that we?re directly accountable to the people who live in our community. We support local charities and we look after our friends and customers.

If you like to support your local businessmen then you might be interested in a Gold Coast trade directory call 1800 Get A Tradie. This website has plans to extend itself out beyond the reaches of the Gold Coast but at the moment it  is a Gold Coast directory.

Once minor problem we can foresee with the directory is that some people don?t know their post-code. That might seem improbable if you?re of a certain age but some young folk with their new technology don?t need to worry too much about post-codes. If that?s you then you should look up your post-code at Australia Post and then go find your tradesman at 1800 Get A Tradie?s Gold Coast trade directory


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