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IP Security Cameras

Perhaps the simplest and cheapest way to add security cameras to your home or business is with an IP camera. The IP camera is a stand-alone security camera that connects directly to your local network via either ethernet or wireless connections. With an IP camera your expenditure is limited to just the one or two cameras you need, rather than the 4+ cameras and recorder that comes with the purchase of a DVR.

You can do almost everything with an IP cameras you would with a full DVR unit. You can record on motion detection, receive updates via SMS and email and you can monitor it remotely from a host of devices including PCs, laptops, iPhones and iPads. Remote monitoring requires the set-up of port forwarding and a static IP on your router. If you need help with these please contact us.

We have worked extensively with Gold Coast company Footprint Security, who provide IP cameras and DVRs Australia wide, and we're genuinely impressed with the quality and price of their IP cameras. The standard indoor IP camera runs with mpeg compression and sells for $185. The next model up sells for $235 and uses H.265 compression for a clearer image. Both models come with pan and tilt, night vision and wireless. (If you find a similarly priced IP camera, chances are it doesn't have wifi installed. Often it comes as an option.)

IP cameras are perfect for small shops or where you don't want to install cables. We use and recommend Footprint Security.


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