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Welcome to Gold Coast Computer Repairs

We specialise in ensuring your computer(s) perform as they should.

Did you know that there are free* anti virus software systems available that have a reputation of out performing industry heavy weights like Norton and McFee?

Data recovery specialists. - you may only get one opportunity to rescue data on a fading hard drive. - What are your documents worth to you?

We not only get your PC working well but can fix your printer as well!

After hours service technicians available on the Gold Coast - because computers don't choose a conveinient time to breakdown.

Computer Tips

Keep dust out of your machine>>
Backup your hard drive regularly>>
Get your machine serviced regularly>>


Let us teach you in the comfort of your office or own home.

We use language you can understand, using a hands-on approach that helps you learn faster. Then we make ourselves available for questions at any time.

The home user benifits from being able to get more out of their computer, finding information from the internet, using the computer for banking and finance, and keeping their computer running smoothly

The business user benifits from package specific training. We can even design a business solution and then teach you how to use it.

Computer Training

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